SHAMELESS XANE- BAD THINGS (A slower alt-rock tune with a 90’s vibe and reggae verses)

SHAMELESS XANE- FIRE THIGHS (A fun pop-punk ditty with some hard swingin’ jungle toms)

These are some rough mixes of a couple tracks I played on over a year back with “ShameLessXane” (my Rough Copies brethren). The music is straight-up alternative rock with sincere, thought provoking lyrics courtesy of Matt Sprague and features Brad Warren on some of the guitar parts. One exception to the sincere lyrics might be “Fire Thighs” which is actually about a liar between her… Brad’s idea… nuff said!

The writing process was very collaborative with Matt coming up with most of the basic song structures and Brad and I adding our creative input regarding arrangement and production ideas. Matt also contributes bass and rhythm guitar to the project. I became a believer in Roland V-drums during the writing and pre-production… quiet enough for Matt’s suburban Mississauga basement, yet SO EASY TO RECORD!

All I can say is that the drums sound awesome thanks to Christian Anderson’s tracking and Matt’s mixing experience. Also, this was the first session I played on my 1972 Ludwig Vistalites so it has sentimental value….

LorneRyderMix (Country)

Here’s a rough mix of 3 songs I recorded with country artist/songwriter Lorne Ryder in 2010.

We recorded these tunes at “Escarpment Sound Studio” north of Hamilton- the studio choice of legendary “Stompin’ Tom Connors”. Personnel at the session included Lord Bubba on bass and Lorne Ryder on acoustic guitar to lay down the bed tracks with studio owner Brian Hewson engineering.

24 George Sample

The full name of this trio was “The 24 George St. Blues Band” – somewhat long-winded don’t you think? It consisted of two Stratford area musicians: Corey Gerber (guitar/vox), Blair Smythe (bass) and myself (drums). We played regularly in local bars, back in the day when they were filled with smoke and we we barely drinking age!