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Happy New Year!

I’m always grateful for friends and family at this time of year and I’d like to give kudos to a few special artists that I have the pleasure to work with and learn from:

Michael Schatte Band had a fantastic year with a successful trip to Memphis, numerous festival dates and a TBS Talent Search win. Michael’s attention to detail in the studio and non-compromising artistry pushes my drumming and inspires my own songwriting.

Love Tapper is moving in an ever-experimental direction with fresh recordings in the works. I always look forward to weekly studio jams with this heavy power trio.

Anthony Rice, director of the Vegas North Orchestra has shown me its possible to run a fun, successful and lucrative large jazz ensemble under his tireless leadership.

Special thanks to Courtney Bruneau, my amazing girlfriend for her support and inspiration. You can find two of her music videos below!

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THE MICHAEL SCHATTE BAND wins the 2015 TBS Talent Search! This band also placed in the top 8 out of 120 international acts in the Finals at The 31st International Blues Challenge in Memphis Jan, 2015.






Riley plays: