Jazz: funky/modern/big band

D&B Style Jam

Serenity Force

Here’s a taste of some funky jams from an original studio project featuring:

Scott Metcalf: Keys
Johnny Lawrence: Bass
Riley: Drums
Christian Anderson: Engineer/Producer

These recordings were done live off the floor in one take unrehearsed and have not been edited in post-production!


Performed by “The Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble”
Composition by Maria Schneider
Ensemble directed by Denny Christianson

Featured Soloists:
Riley: Drums
Jon Kay: Tenor Sax
Joel Green: Trombone
Aaron Young: Guitar

This is a recording I’m very proud of that I feel exemplifies the quality of the Humber College Music program. Wyrgly was recorded live in 2003 at CBC Studios by Doug Doctor. I particularly enjoyed this tune for it’s energy, spirit and complexity. This one happens to be a first take performance… buckle up!


Here’s a link to our Press Kit where you can read more about “Perspectives” and listen to new recordings featuring Ed Sweetman (bass/composer), Jeff Hewer (guitar/composer), Riley O’Connor (drums) and Patrice Barbonchon (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Recording with this group was exciting for me because it marked a return to the style of modern jazz I loved to play during my college years and at the Banff Summer Jazz Workshop.  Patrice’s flugelhorn work  with Jeff’s guitar in the rhythm section reminds me at at times of Canadian jazz hero Kenny Wheeler’s work with John Abercrombie. At other time’s the rhythmic bass work of Ed Sweetman brings Dave Holland’s approach to mind…….. of course that’s just my “Perspective”!

With Chris Potter in Banff

One of the most exciting musical experiences of my life was attending the Banff Summer Jazz Workshop in 2002. Here I had a chance to perform and record with some of the best established and up and coming jazz musicians in the world. Through a Humber College friend, Peter Van Huffle, I had the honor and privelege of doing a recording session with Chris Potter. Chris is a world-class saxophone giant who’s worked with artists such as Dave Holland, Steely Dan and Herbie Hancock. Getting to hang out and make music with Chris was very inspiring- not only for his incredible talent, but his extremely humble disposition. At the time of this recording I was feeling somewhat insecure about my playing. This experience was a huge self-esteem booster and instilled a new level of confidence…

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