Need Solid Drum Tracks?

Drum 1

3 Flexible Recording Options:

Option 1:

I will show up at any studio (in the GTA) with great sounding drums,  having already learned your material, and will work with you to get the performance you are looking for. If the artist or producer knows what they want, I usually nail it in 2 or 3 takes. I guarantee you will save on valuable studio time and get a tight, groovin’ drum track that requires little to no editing.

Option 2:
Live off the floor with a band. This process may take more time, but if you’ve got well rehearsed musicians on board this is my favorite way to work. Many of my favorite classic recordings were made this way, and there is a trend going back to this approach.

Option 3:
We could do everything by e-mail: you send me the tracks and I can record the drums on my own. This approach may be necessary if location is an issue. At the end of the day it’s about making the best music under any circumstances.

Need a studio? Other session musicians?
If you are looking for a quality recording studio, I can help. Two of my best friends are highly skilled engineers with great sounding rooms and state of the art recording gear. Also, I work regularly with many of Toronto’s finest players and budget permitting could help put together a “dream band” for any style of music!

I generally charge $100/song, though I’m open to negotiating depending on recording budget and the circumstances of the session. I’ll consider doing several tracks at a reduced rate if it’s an album project.

Book Riley:
Phone: 416.556.6587