Hard Rock: Rise For Order

01 What’s Left

This tune is the title track on Rise For Order’s new 6 song EP. It was fun to get involved creatively in a hard rock project again after Braintoy had disbanded for a year. These guys used to be our neighbours! I helped them arrange about  5 new songs and played on the demo versions. 3 of those tunes made it onto the EP.

05 Dirty Girl

This tune was fun and challenging to play – especially the intro! I dig the funky verse grooves we came up with- I’m going for kind of a Chad Smith (RHCP) vibe here. I love how the drum sounds came through in the production on this track.

For those of you wondering about the gear, I’m using Gretsch Broadcaster drums (22,12,14,16) Paiste cymbals (Signature and 2002 models) and most importantly a killer sounding Ayotte Keplinger 6X14 snare courtesy of Bruce Moffet @ PRB. Drums were recorded in a smallish, heavily carpeted room with many mics including the legendary RE20 and the Yamaha Sub kick. The snare was triple mic’d, as was the kick. Everything was hit VERY HARD!

Hanging out with RFO and one of their fans at the Opera House where we opened for “My Darkest Days” who toured with Nickelback…