EP: Michael Schatte

04 I’ve Been Down Before

My favorite tune on Michael’s new EP 4 Songs and One Apocalypse which showcases Schatte’s prodigious bluegrass chops. This is one of the most challenging songs I’ve played on due to the length, fast tempo and the fact that we were subtly changing the arrangement right up until the final takes. Michael insists on using complete takes (no cut and paste) and no drum editing… what you hear is exactly what I played! (this performance esthetic goes for the other tracks as well)

02 Your Lady Waits

I was given free reign on this one to come up with a drum intro. I was thinking about the rhythm of the Irish Bodhran (frame drum) and wanted to put it onto the toms in a “rollicking” way. The main groove of the tune is inspired by Jim Hodder’s playing on Steely Dan’s Reelin’ In the Years.

03 Sorry Love

I feel this groovy ballad is one of Schatte’s masterpieces of songwriting. The slow tempo gives me the space to let the groove breathe. I’m going for a John Bonham inspired vibe.