Considering Drum Lessons?

“I strive to help my students develop the skills they need to play the music they love.”

Over the past 10 years I’ve taught over 200 private students across the GTA. Some students approach me as beginners, never having held a pair of sticks, while others are mature students or working musicians looking for a different perspective regarding technique, sound, playing styles, etc. Some of these students have gone on to study music at a college or university level. Others are playing in indy and pro-level bands around the city and across the country.

Why drums?

Drumming is incredibly FUN! Its also physically and mentally challenging like a musical form of martial arts. Learning to play the drums well requires disciplined practice which translates into greater self-esteem, personal satisfaction and creative expression.  Other benefits of learning this exciting instrument include increased focus, co-ordination and physical stamina. Some people pick up drums fairly easily coming out of their first lesson able to play a basic rock beat and a drum roll, while for others it takes a little more patience. My experience as a teacher has taught me that every student who loves music and truly wants to learn the instrument will succeed in achieving their goals with a little guidance and practice.

What’s Your Favorite Music?

Rock. Jazz. Blues. Metal. Pop. Reggae. Punk. Ska. Country. Prog. Fusion. Afro-Cuban. Brazilian. Orchestral.

In each of these distinct genres, the drums play a very important role… I strive to help my students develop the skills they need to play the music they love.

Why take private lessons?

There are many self-taught drummers who are out on the scene making music. A common issue is poor technique which can lead to problems like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, especially in the hard-hitting rock world. I strive to teach all my students the best techniques to play the music they want to play!

Drumming can be very challenging. It can be difficult for some students to stay motivated to practice just by watching DVDs or online tutorials, especially if they hit a wall in their progress. I strive to give the encouragement, honest assessments and advice that students need to improve and be inspired in all areas of drumming and music.

Do I need to read music?

Learning to read music is a very important part of becoming a versatile drummer. At the very least all students will learn how to read basic rhythms. However, its important to remember that music is far greater than the notes on the page. Drumming is also about feeling and listening. Developing co-ordination, dynamics and good time-keeping are also a big part. I strive to help all of my students develop some reading skills, a great groove and a deeper appreciation for music regardless of age or ability.

Do I need to buy a drum kit?

Students can start out with an inexpensive practice pad and begin to work on their technique after the first lesson. Ultimately, having an acoustic drum kit will be the most fun and rewarding in the long term, unless the student is interested in learning snare drum alone. A quieter option great for apartments and college dorms is electronic drums. A reasonable budget for entry-level acoustic or electronic drums would be $500-$1000 and if you want to buy used drums, Craigslist and Kijiji are good places to look.

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