“Riley came into this gig blind and pulled it off like a pro. He definitely has the goods and is one of the most talented drummers I know!” (regarding performance at World Pride 2014)

Mark Jacob, Top 10 charting Canadian Country Artist

“Our drummer, Riley, is heavily schooled in jazz and is comfortable playing in all kinds of wacky time signatures so he brings some of that into the picture, while still hitting really bloody hard.”

Skutch Tully, Bandleader (Love Tapper)

“Riley O’Connor’s drumming both live and in the studio manages the incredible feat of being at once tuneful, toneful, and tasteful. His unflinching creativity, taut mastery of myriad styles and uncompromising work ethic make him a drumming powerhouse if ever there was one.  He smells nice too.”

Michael Schatte, Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist

“Riley O’Connor is a talented and versatile drummer who is always prompt, professional and courteous! When Riley plays drums in my band I never have to worry. He always plays with kindness, respect and full control. He is an excellent listener and follows instructions without hesitation. Its an honor and privilege to have Riley in my band and as part of the house band at my Open Jam Night @ Harlem. He was originally referred to me by a very reliable source and he turned out to be exactly as described and much much more!!!”

Carolyn T
Owner of Carolyn T Band Productions
Creator of the Open Jam Night @ Harlem
Vocalist/Bandleader/Voice & Performance Coach

“Covered In Paint plays a set list that would kill most drummers. The exception to “most” is Riley O’Connor. From classic tracks by the Who too Queen’s of the Stone Age and The Foo Fighters, Riley covers the whole spectrum to perfection. We have yet to bring a song forward that Riley can’t play, a quality that is hard to find in a drummer these days….”

John Scheel, Guitarist/Bandleader

“Riley O’Connor is the epitome of hard work and pays HUGE dividends!!! Mind you it doesn’t hurt when you have a God given talent like Riley’s, or for that matter all the guys in his band “Braintoy”. I had a studio booked for 5 days so Riley could get his drum tracks completed for their album “Vehicles”. Long story short we where out of there in 2 1/2 days – Set up & tear down included.!!! 7 of the 11 tracks are 1 take. ALL tracks are complete takes. Uncanny for the complex material Braintoy produced. Riley is living proof that Extraterrestrial Beings live in and around us. If you don’t believe me, take a day to watch Riley and his drumming, diet and exercise routine are RIGHT OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!”

Andre Wahl, Producer/Engineer (Braintoy, Mudvayne, Hawksley Workman)

“Riley O’Connor sets the bar high. He is one of the finest players Toronto has to offer, and has been my primary inspiration and teacher for many years.”

Dave Pake, Drummer/Bandleader

“Riley O’Connor plays the heck out of the drums! He’s a versatile player and one heck of a nice guy as well. Plays what’s right for the music!”

Mark Kelso (Head of Drum Dept, Humber College)

“I have known Riley O’Connor for over 10 years. In that time he has impressed me greatly with his dedication to the craft and art of drumming. His enthusiasm is very contagious and he makes a huge positive impression on everyone he works with, both as a teacher and a player.”

Ted Warren (Humber Faculty, Rex Hotel Orchestra)

“Riley is an outstanding freelance musician with a phenomenal variety of skills at the ready and a deep love and devotion to music and drumming. This gent has studied hard. I’m happy to have him as a friend and to exchange subbing duties … he’s a reliable, likable, and honest cat.”

Adam Hay (Chantall Kreviuzak, Raine Maida)

“Riley O’Connor is a drummer from the future. His amazing grasp of complex polyrhythms, coupled with excellent time, beautiful feel, and great musical sensitivity, make him a drummer that all other upcoming pros aspire to.”

Dan Bodanis, Drummer/Bandleader (Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto)

I have studied the drums with Riley O’Connor for many years now, exploring the world of jazz, latin, funk, fusion, rock etc… Riley is a great teacher, he taught me very well. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have gotten accepted into the Humber Music Program.

Austin Gembora (student musician)

“Riley has a great sense of groove from his jazz background but also a lot of control, power and precision from his rock/metal background. The fusion of the two makes for some very inspiring drumming. As a teacher Riley is very encouraging and has a lot of different drumming styles and techniques to offer to his students.”

Dan Neill (student musician)

“Riley is easy to work with and hang out with and his  playing is top notch. Riley’s contributions to the band were more than the job requirement and obviously I will keep him in mind for future gigs.”

Pank Bagga, singer/songwriter (Christ vs Krishna)